Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Rung part 1

I have been working on this short story for some time and feel that I am ready to post the first day.  I wanted to wait until it was done, but I don’t know how it will end yet.  Let me know what you think!

The light appears above me and pierces my eyes.  I sit alone in the darkness, well not really alone.  The Darkness and his cohort Fear are my constant companions. Fear is always gnawing away at some part of me.  The Darkness like to play games.  His game is to smother me until I can no longer breathe.  Then he gives me just enough air to keep me alive. 

Each day as I wake the only change is where Fear may be gnawing that day.  Today he has chosen my fingers.  But that light.   Each day it beckons me, calls to me with a song of hope. 

As if I could escape this hell!

Every few days the anguish will well up inside me.  I will let out a primal scream of rage, as I beg the Light to help me.  On those days, He slowly creeps down the wall only to pause just out of my reach.  That is when the rung pushes its way from the wall. 

It is old wood, worn in some places, cracked and splintered in others.   I imagine it is just another way to torture me!  I am sure if I did grab it the exposed splinters would embed themselves into my hand.

One time, I mustered up enough courage to reach for the rung.  A chill runs down my spine as I remember that day.  Fear had chosen  my calves to gnaw on.  That is why I thought I might be able to reach it, he was so far away.  I slowly inched my hand out of the muck and ran it delicately up the wall.  Just as my hand reach the rung, Fear leapt from his position.  His sharp teeth tore through my hand.  Waves of pain shot through my body as.  The Light crept back up the wall and the rung slid back into its place.

Nope, I wouldn’t go there again!

Like most days when the Light came to visit, I sit and watch the rung gleam as if made of pure silver.  After awhile the rung disappears back into the wall, and the light creeps away until it disappears entirely.

“Someday” I whisper, “someday”