Monday, October 1, 2012

The Rung: Day 2

I lunged! 

As my fingers sprang for the wood I thought, “What am I doing?”

Then my fingers slide around the cool metal of the rung.  All the lies and deceit vanish as my pale hand shines in the warmth of the light. 

As I cling to the rung, The Darkness fades away, and I dance in the Light for the first time.  As the adrenaline rush fades, I begin to notice an ache in my shoulders, which soon becomes a searing pain. 

I turn my attention to Fear whose sharp claws pierce my flesh as he pushes down on my shoulders.  I feel warmth trickle down my throat from where his teeth pierce my skin.  The joy of the light still pulses through my veins and it gives me the strength to hold on.

I notice The Darkness’s encases my torso with his dark form and lies and noise spew from his mouth.  He slowly tightens his grip and  until I can no longer feel my feet. 

I hang there, my fingers are white from my grip on the rung. 

I watch The Light creep along as it does everyday, until finally His gaze drifts from my fingers. 

I hear Darkness snarl with joy.

I tremble and my fingers begin to loose their grip. 

As the light progresses up the wall, it once again pauses and a second rung emerges from the wall.  He hovers there for a moment then continues His progression up the wall. 

My heart aches at his betrayal as I cry out to him and beg him not to leave me.  My cries do not give him pause and soon only darkness remains. 

A scream lodges in my throat as I fight back the tears. 

“How could he leave me here?”

In defeat I let go.

Fear and Darkness engulf me with open comfortable arms.