Monday, June 24, 2013

The Rung Part 3

From deep in the darkness I watch Him come and go, day after day.  What a fraud, I think, tempting me with the offer of His warmth and safety, only to betray me and leave me in the cold.  I settle deeper into the familiar embrace of Fear and The Darkness.  No surprises in store with them.

I don’t know how long it has been, but I tire of the monotony of the darkness.  Something in me longs for the light.  I recall His warmth.  The compassion that flooded my soul.  “What it must be like to live in that light”, I muse to myself. 

My days now consist of replaying that moment in my mind.  The coolness of the rung under my hand, the warmth of His touch.  For the first time in months I look up.  In shock I stare at the two remaining rungs.  Raising my eyes higher and higher more rungs come into view.  Some are close together, while others seem so far apart, like they would be impossible to grasp.  “But why?”, my words echo off the walls and I clasp my hands over my mouth.  I mutter “But why did He stop at the second rung? 

I have pondered this question for days now, and the voices and gnawing of my companions gets heavier and heavier.  I know the truth I just don’t want to admit it.  He provides the rungs, I climb out.  That simple, but I also know the climb will be even harder then the brief moment I experienced before. 

“Is it worth it?” I think as I recall the warmth of His presence.

“YOU BET!”  I scream as I lunge.